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Menace of illegal immigrants.
- by Kevichüsie Nakhro.

The influx of Bangladeshis is a national menace today. As per the 175th Report of the Law Commission of India on the Foreigners (Amendment) Bill, 2000, the estimated population of the foriegners living illegally in India are about 1,80,00,000. The Commission also estimated that at least 3.5 lakhs or more people are infiltrating the country every year. What is also interesting is the Commission observation that the illegals influx has assummed dangerous dimension affecting the security of the nation and specially of the North Eastern Region.

The concerns of the continuing menace of the Bangladeshi influx is more alarming in Nagaland. So, is the numbers of the Bangladeshi. Something has gone very wrong somewhere, and we also know where this will lead to, should it be continued. We know what is wrong; though we arent not doing anything about it, This also is a big "JOKE."

Interestingly, there exist numbers of Acts' to check the inflow of the menace of illegal immigrants like the BEFR (Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation) Act, the Chin Hills Act and the Foriegners Act. Penalty for voilating the former two Acts' is a mere Rs 1000 /- and the later gets 5 (five) years imprisonment.

May be the Magistrate on duty and the Police prefer the fines because the Obsolete Detention Centre at Nagarjan seem to serve as a Transit Camp for the CRPF.

I strongly feel that the government needs to focus immediately on the issue of illegal immigrants pouring in from Bangladesh and part of Assam ( Hojai, Nowgaon, Karimganj, etc, etc ) and remedial measures taken. Something has to be done immediately about the menace of the Illegal Immigrants. The Naga Students' Federation (NSF) had recently ask the government to innitiate steps to detect and deport illegal immigrants from the State, in a memorandum to the Chief Minister, Mr. Neiphiu Rio, it also further warned that the problem would assume gargantuan proportions if not tackle immediately.

The Dimapur Naga Students' Union (DNSU) too, recently expressed thier concerns to root out Bangladeshi immigrants and resolve to launch a drive against illegal immigrants. Yes, it is time, unless preventive steps are taken Nagaland faces a disastrous consequences. My recommendation is that, the government should set up a department involving the administration, judiciary and the police to check and to punish ( no fines Please ! ) people living illegally in Nagaland.

The Deputy Resident Commissioners, SDO (Civil) and the Inner Line Permit issuing authority should check re-check the authenticity of the concerns before issuing of the Inner Line Permit.

The illegal immigrants should further be tried by the Immigration Court, Which would be a court of district and session judges to be specified by the government in each district and making grant of bail unappealable.

Finally unless there is a Public revolt against the menace of the illegal immigrants, the future is bleak, hence rise up and see that each individual contributes something.

With this sour note I put down my pen shouting, "Revolution, Revolution or we are doomed."

This article was published in the 'Nagaland Post' on the 22nd May, 2003, and the 'Eastern Mirror' on the 24th May, 2003.



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