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- Kaka D. Iralu, January 25, 2004

I had earlier heard about the Indo-Myanmar boundary lines set up in our Naga lands, but this was the first time in my life that I saw those boundary lines with my own eyes. As I trudged all day from Sanglao to Choklangan village and reached the Khuliakhing peak, I saw the Burmese and Indian installed boundary lines running across our lands. As I stood on the Khuliakhing peak, I saw the Thingniu range of the Khiamniungan region stretching from mountains to mountains right up to the banks of the Chindwin river. To my left was the Longpai range and in front of me was the Tiyak range – all evergreen forests and gigantic mountains of NAGA LANDS…

As I stood on that snow covered peak, behind me were NAGA LANDS and in front of me too were NAGA LANDS.

Now if behind me were Indian villages and cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Chenai, etc. and if in front of me were Burmese villages and cities like Rangoon, Mandalay, Laishio, etc. then I would concede that I was standing on the Indo-Myanmar border...

But that is not the case at all. For behind me were Choklangan, Sanglao and Tuensang and in front of me were Taingan, Langnok and Kampti – all NAGA VILLAGES with NAGA NAMES.

Therefore as I stood on that peak, my soul, my spirit and my body all screamed “What right has India and Burma to intrude into my land and set up an Indo-Myanmar boundary line across my lands?”

Universally speaking, in matters of private property, a father tells his sons “Son, this is the boundary of our private lands. Beyond this boundary it is so-and-so’s lands.” In matters of national boundaries, elders will tell their people “this much is our national boundary and beyond this are other people’s lands.”

In this universal context, are Nehru and U Nu Naga elders that they can come to Kampti in Burma and Kohima in Nagaland and draw their boundary lines across our lands? Would India and Burma find it acceptable if Phizo and Imkongmeren had yesterday gone to India and Burma to draw Naga boundary lines across Burma and India?

I therefore ask this question to Asia and the world “under what historical, political or international law have Nehru and U Nu been allowed to draw their boundary lines across our NAGA LANDS?”

On the other side of the so-called boundary lines at Taingan village, Tatar (MP) Pailu of the Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) told me “Before U Nu and Nehru came to Kampti, we were never dependent on Burma and India, for our political and economic survival. We also never signed any agreement with them to join either India or Burma. But today they send joint Indo-Burmese military operations into our lands and torture, burn and rape our villagers when we refuse to cooperate with them.” On my part I saw with my own eyes how these villages are living in constant fear of both Indian and Burmese military oppression. I was told many stories from both sides of the so-called boundary lines of how the villagers are used for forced labour without any payment. I also documented all the villages that were burnt down by the Burmese and Indian armies in their joint operations. Yes I cried with them as they recounted all their horror stories of half a century of human suffering and human agony.

I do not know what my other Naga brothers and sisters are thinking, but this much I will say, “I will not be a silent spectator to this horrible dissection and desecration of my beloved motherland.” No, I will take my case to the highest court of law in the world and plead that I be allowed to own my own land. I will tell that international court that my fathers and grandfathers were not guilty of any national or international crimes when they launched their struggle for defence of our lands with the cry – URRA UVIE (our land belongs to us). I will tell the world that on both sides of the so-called boundary line lies the dead bodies of over two hundred thousand Nagas who had sacrificed their lives for love of their lands. And I will ask the world community – “Will you remain a silent spectator to this horrible genocide of a gentle people with an evergreen land that has been smeared by their blood and their tears for over half a century?”

After all Myanmar and India are not he only two nations in the world. After all, India and Myanmar have not been given custody or guardianship of my beloved land by any authority under heaven. I will therefore plead my case before the throne of God and in the highest international court of law for justice to be dispensed in my rightful favour.

Yes I will go on fighting until my country is free from foreign aggression and oppression. But if you, my fellow Nagas will remain silent spectators, then I think I have the right to call you cowards –A Man without dignity and honour. Man without conscience or a sense of right and wrong.



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