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Living on the Edge.
-------------------- Tarachu Fithu -------------

Perhaps the most debated and discussed burning issue in today's Naga society is "where and what are we Nagas heading for" but with all this debates and discussions, have we come to any concrete solution and if not, why? Do such debates and issues leave any impact in our perception of our society? These are perhaps some of the most disturbing unanswered questions that are eating away the mind of most of the Naga intellectuals today.

If we look back at the sweep of events that have taken place for the last fifty years, we have come a very long way through hard times that any human mind can imagine, fighting for our sovereignty. But the tragic fact is that we are today at a crossroad. How do we define freedom without freedom from social justice that is so rampant in our society today? Socrates was so right when he said, "Freedom from social injustice is true freedom". What is the big deal if we get our freedom today and fall vicitms to slavery of social injustice tomorrow? This will only lead to total chaos and more bloodsheed which will kick us harder than anything else. Our society is more and more, day by day becoming what is called a "socio-fugal" society, defying the universal fact "UNITED WE STAND." Today's Naga society is like trying to balance and catwalk on a cutting edge of a razor blade. The moment we lose our balance and drip, it will be bloodshed. Unless we change the way we are leading our society, we are heading for a bloody situation which will come as no surprise sooner than we expect.

Masquerading ourselves under the banner of chauvinism, various organizations or any damn thing, the name of the game we are playing is "extortion". Our ghastly and higgledy - piggledy towns are nothing but ghettos and stand as reflections of our fallen culture and a testimony to our corroding society. A society once proud of its culture and rich traditions, today lies stripped naked of its primordial authentic culture and its tradition under assault.

It is tragic but true that our society has been stagnant for the last whole decade or so in all fields and has been left behind in this whole roller coaster of development, technology, infrastructure, etc. It is anticipated that at this rate, we Nagas will be left five years behind any North Eastern state in the next seven to eight years time.

But where does the solution to the crux of the problem lie? I feel the least remorse in saying that I have lost my faith in most of the Naga leaders today whose visions are quite myopic. But perhaps today budding generations are nurturing political saviours with much vision and convictions. The problem we are going through, is a collective effort from all spheres of profession. We need to ask ourselves as to how one's profession is relevant to our society today. As potential Naga citizens, we can all provide the springboard and contribute something tangible to the problems of our society. Can we as young promising generations take an oath or pledge : "We will make Nagas more united than ever, stronger than before not less but greater, better and more beautiful than it was left to us." Let us stop pointing fingers at one another under the banner of tribalism, but let us say, " WE NAGAS ..." It is time we take a pause and check the past as to where we have gone wrong, correct the present and challenge the future ; or else we might lag behind other people, and bite the dust real hard.



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