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American Baptist Missionaries in Nagaland.
- by Kevichüsie Nakhro.

Our gratitude to these people ... forever and ever.

Data's on the Missionaries.

    We give below the details of the stay of the American Baptist Missionaries in the Naga Hills, the places in which they established mission stations, and the respective dates of arrival, furlough and departure.

  1. Mr. E. W. Clark visited Molungyimchen village for the first time in December 1872. He took up residence there on 2 March 1876, when he left for furlough. Mrs. Clark joined him in January 1878 and stayed with him till the end of 1882. They came back to Molungyimsen in January 1887. The lived there up to the beginning of 1898 when they joined the Perrines and the Haggards at the new station of Impur. From the beginning of 1893 to the end of 1895 Mrs. Clark was away in America. Mr. and Mrs. Clark left Impur in February 1901 for furlough. Only Mr. Clark returned to the Naga Hills in January 1904. He left the Naga Hills for the last time on 11 May 1911.
  2. The Rivenburgs came to Molungyimsen on 8 January 1885. They Stayed there till February 1887 when they were transferred to Kohima.They came to Impur temporarily from 17 February 1900 to 20 May 1902. (See also Note 20 Below)
  3. The Perrines came to Molungyinsen on 1 December 1892, and lived there till they moved to Impur on 30 Sptember 1894. They were at Impur till the beginning of 1900 when they took their furlough. They returned to Impur on 7 February 1903, and stayed there till the middle of 1905.
  4. The Haggards reached Molungyimsen on 20 December 1893. In September 1896, Mr. Haggard took up the Lotha Work and the charge of the Wokha station. Wokha station was however, given up and Haggard returned to Impur towards the end of 1897. They were at Impur till the middle of 1899.
  5. The Dowds came to Impur on 11 January 1901. They were there till 24 January 1908 when they took their furlough. They returned to the Naga Hills on 22 January 1915 and worked there up to October 1920.
  6. Mr. Loops arrived at Impur on 27 November 1905. In the beginning of 1906, he left for Madras to get married to Vincy Preston (Married 27 February 1906) . Mr and Mrs Loops came to Impur; and for some time they were also with the Dicksons at Kohima. The Loops left the Naga Hills in March 1909.
  7. Information on Miss Miller is very sparse. Her bio data card tells us that she was transferred to Impur from Nowgong in April 1906. The next item on the card is that she arrived in New York on 21 March 1907. She resigned from service in the following Year.
  8. The Longwells reached Impur on 17 December 1906 and were there up to February 1914 when they took their leave. They returned to Impur on 24 December 1915 and continued their work there till April 1921. In October 1923 they eturned to India and looked after the Lotha and other works from Assam. Mr. Longwell was appointed Assam Mission Treasurer and Secretary in 1924. In March 1927 he was designated to Impur temporarily. In November of the same year he was transferred to Guwahati for Student work. In November of the following year they sailed for America.
  9. The Baileys came to Impur on 12 December 1910. They were there upto January 1917 when they took their leave. They retruned to Impur in February 1919 and worked there until November 1925 when they again left for furlough. The Baileys came back to Impur at the end of 1927. Mr. Bailey died in Calcutta on 8 December 1928.
  10. The Smiths came to Impur on 15 January 1913. They were transferred to Kohima on 16 September of the following year, but they left te Naga Hills after a few months.
  11. Very little information is available on Miss Stevenson. Her bio-data card tells us that she was designated to Impur on 11-13 February 1919. She was for some time at Impur.
  12. Miss Masales was designated to Impur on 11 February 1919. She become the second wife of William Pettigrew on 3 Novenber 1934. Very little information is available on her stay Impur.
  13. Miss Stever reached Impur in June 1920. In October 192 she was transferred to Nowgong.
  14. Miss Geisenhener was for some time at Impur during 1926. Her bio-data card does not speak of any appointment to Impur.
  15. The Wickstrands reached Impur on 1 January 1930, and they were there till the end of 1932.
  16. From November 1935 to February 1942, the Andersons were at Impur. They returned from furlough on June 15 1945, and stayed at Impur till 27 January 1948. They then moved to the newly built mission bungalow at Aizuto. (See also notes 25 and 28 below)
  17. The Hunters were at Impur from 30 October 1947 to the end of December 1950.
  18. The Truxtons came to Impur on 25 April 1952. In the beginning of the following year they were temporarily at Jorhat, an finally left the Naga Hills work in 1954.
  19. The Kings were at Samaguting from 27 June to 2 November 1879. Mr. King reached Kohima on 25 February 1881 , Mrs. King joined her husband toward the end of 1881, and she was at Kohima till the middle of 1884. She came back to Kohima at the beginning of of 1885, but left Kohima again in April 1886. Mr. King was recalled from Kohima in November 1886. He left the Naga Hills at the beginning of 1887.
  20. The Rivenburgs came to Kohima early in 1887. They lived there till February 1892 when they left for their furlough. They returned to Kohima at the end of 1894. From February 1898 to January 1899 They were in Calcutta, Where Mr Rivenburg was studying medicine. On 29 May 1902 they returned to Kohima from Impur to where they were temporarily asigned (See Note 2 above). They worked there till 1 December 1905 When they left for Furlough. They came back to Kohima on 12 November 1907. Mrs Rivenburg died at Kohima on 22 March 1908. Rivenburg Married Helen .B. Protzman at Nowgong (28 December 1910). They were at Kohima till February 1916 when they took their leave. They returned to Kohima in May 1918, and worked there till April 1923.
  21. Narola Rivenburg was born at Kohima on 17 November 1887. She left for America with the Clarks 1901. At her mother's dead (see note 20 above) She returned to Kohima to help her father she worked there till 27 June 1910.
  22. From the middle of the year to November 1905, the Dicksons were at Impur following their first designation they were then transfered to Kohima where they worked untill August 1908.
  23. The Tanquists came to Kohima on 18 January 1913, and worked there till August 1918, when they took their furlough. Returning to Kohima on 22 April 1922, they were there untill April 1928 when they were on leave again. They came back to Kohima on May 1933, and were at Kangpokpi (Manipur) temporarily. On coming back to Kohima they remained there till 30 January 1940. They went to Furlough again and returned to Kohima on 4 November 1941. They left Kohima finally in December 1947.
  24. The Supplees were designated to Impur on 3 May 1921. But soon they were transferred to Kohima in December 1922. They worked there till October 1926 when they left for furlough. They returned to Kohima by the middle of 1928, and were there till their next furlough at the beginning of 1935. Returning to Kohima towards the end of 1936, they were there to the beginning of 1943. They took their leave again and returned in mid- 1946. They left Kohima in June 1949.
  25. The Andersons came to Kohima in February 1929 and spent their first two months at Impur, then returned to Kohima in March 1930, and worked there untill December 1932. Then they took their leave. They came back to Naga Hills, but this time to Impur. They were in Kohima afterwards from 10 December 1951 to 20 February 1954. They then left Kohima for the USA (see also notes 16 and 28).
  26. The Witters arrived in Kohima on 9 April 1885 and remained untill mid 1887. They wre in Kohima during July 1887. They left the Naga Hills soon after.
  27. The Houstons reached Wokha at the end of 1947, but in April 1948 they came to Kohima to replace the Supplees. They left the aga Hills in April 1953.
  28. The Delanos arrived at Aizuto in January 1950, and were there untill March 1955 when they, the last of the American Baptist Missionary families, returned to the USA.

Special thanks to Kethoser Kevichusa and Khrienuo of Shalom Bible Seminary, Kohima.
The ABCC (The Angami Baptist Council of Churches) for their help in providing all these materials.



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