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 The Festivals of the Nagas

Nagaland is a land of festivals with pageantry, music and feasts. Nagas are very fond of dance and songs even though the styles vary from one tribe to another. The central feature of traditional Naga life is by giving of what has come to be known as Feasts of Merit, in which the splendour of colour and extravagance of Naga life is amply reflected.
Tribes Festivals When Held
Angami Sekrenyi February
Ao MoatsŁ May 1st Week
Chakhesang Tsukhenyi March-April
Chang Nkanyulum July 2nd Week
Khiamniungam Miu May 2nd Week
Konyak Aoling April 1st Week
Lotha Tokhuemong November 1st Week
Pochury Nazu July-August
Phom Monyu April 1st Week
Rengma Ngada November last Week
Sangtam Amongmong September 1st Week
Sema Tuluni July
Yimchungru Metemneo August 2nd Week
Zeliang Nga-Ngai December last Week


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