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|| State : Nagaland || City/Town : Dimapur || Genre : Rock and Roll ||

"The 4th NAP Band"

Michael : Vocals
Hesso Shohe : Vocals
Alok Das : Drums
TemsŁjungba : Bass
Prasanta Kumar Burman : Keyboards
MoatemsŁ Walling : Guitar
Ajay Gangully : Guitar
Wenyitso Kapfo : Slide Guitar


Once upon a time, when 'heavy metal' had progressed and florished spendidly under the majesty of metal monarchs like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, long before Van-Halen, Whitesnake and Metallica released their debut album,and India very own 13 A.D, Shiva and Indus Creed came into existence. A band came into the rock scene of Nagaland, Originally founded as the 'Rivals' in the year 1976 on the 4th of April. This rock and roll outfit was later re-christened as "The 4th NAP Jazz Band". Following their recruitment as the official band of the 4th Battalion Nagaland Armed Police. Presently the word 'JAZZ' is omitted to avoid confussion as they do not play Jazz music. And thus, "The 4th NAP Band" came about. They might be, If not the longest surviving band in the sub-continent. Their band is under the police department of Nagaland, a unique feature found only in the state. Hesso Shohe says: "This means we get a monthly salary from the department."

Over the years the band had undergone drastic changes in terms of line-up. Neitsilie, the only original member and the present Band Manager, reminisces, "Our band has been through much evolution. But it has been worthwhile." At 48, he is a young grandfather who doesn't think twice about shaking a leg while performing good old rock & roll numbers. Music lovers of all age owe this dedicated musician for keeping the local music circuit alive. Suffice it to say that under his superb leadership, the 4th NAP Band is now a cohered and thoroughly professional band. Yes, faces have changed, style have also undergone drastic metamorphoses and the present musical accessories would probably even be unrecognisable and incomprehensive to some of the original members if they were around. Yet they will always be fondly known as our very own 4th NAP Band.

Today, Michael ( A graduate sound engineer from Audio Institute of America ) is glad to be in his father's shoes. He is the eldest son of Neitsilie, he modestly attributes their recent success to their superior officers and well wishers, and to those who had the time to remmember them in their prayers.

They have a hectic schedule throughout the year with performances in small time charity show besides their normal official obligations. Consequently, their potential for greater heights had remained thus untill they participated in the last North-East Region Beat Contest organised jointly by Doordarshan, NYKS, Ashok Groups of Hotels and Department of Development of the North East Region, at New Delhi. The Show which was held in the premises of Hotel Ashok at New Delhi on the 25th and 26th of April 2003. The 4th NAP band was adjudged the "BEST BAND."

The journey of the 4th NAP band has not been an easy cruise as evidenced by so many changes,near disbanding and a general feeling of lethargy among the band members.Through it all, there had always been someone or the other who has come to their rescue, Just when the band could no longer crank out respectable sounds from their obsolete amps and creaking speakers. Neiphiu Rio the then minister for Home and present Chief Minister, gifted them a whole new set of Peavey Sound System and Imported instruments. Recently, IAS Temjen Toy has donated a professional keyboard (Roland) and a Peavey Guitar to the band. It's touching to hear a 200 pound, six footer Neitsilie voice, " We can only say,' Thank You '. Let Music heal our land."

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