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|| State : Meghalaya || City/Town : Shillong || Genre : Blues & Rock ||


Lou Majaw : ArjunSen : Bert Cooper : Rudy Wallang : Sam Shullai : Ferdy Dkhar : Keith Wallang : Babit Jyrwa : Rachel : Larry

A list of the people who had been involved with The Great Society.


Great Society
Lou Majaw is the founder member of the legendary Shillong band. The Great Society. A superb showman, a man who has music and stage performance in his blood, Lou also possesses the humility and breadth of vision that marks him as a true musician. Lou has peroformed all over the Northeast with The Great Society, playing originals along with covers of traditional rock favourites.

The Great Society was formed in the mid '70's with Lou Majaw (vocals/rhythm guitar), ArjunSen (vocals/guitar) and Bert Cooper (drums) as the founding members. In 1980, Rudy Wallang joined the band as bass player. Soon after, Sam Shullai replaced Bert on drums. When Arjun decided to head out to Delhi, Rudy took up playing guitar and Ferdy Dkhar joined in as the bass player. Despite a series of impressive lineup changes in the twelve years of it's existence, Keith Wallang on drums, late Babit Jyrwa on drums and bass, Danny Shullai on bass and Bob Lyngdoh on harp, The Great Society is essentially Lou, Arjun, Rudy, Sam and Ferdy. The Great Society disbanded in 1992 but do perform ocassionally at reunions such as the Reggae Riddim Festival in February 2001.
The Great Society in it's lifetime recorded two albums "BREAKTHROUGH" and "DANCE YOUR ASS OFF"

Discography :
1) Breakthrough
2) Dance your ass off
Website: The Great Society

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