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|| State : Meghalaya || City/Town : Shillong || Genre : Blues ||


Rudy Wallang : Guitar, Vocals
Sam Shullai : Drums
Ferdie Dkhar : Bass
Bob (RG) Lyngdoh : Winds 'n Vocals
Keith Wallang : Rhythm Guitar


When five musician-friends from Shillong came together under the magical mantle of MOJO in 1993, it was as a result of a collective love and feel for rhythm and blues setting the binding tour de force. With all members having played with the legendary band The Great Society over the preceding 11 years, MOJO is a mature band of artists who have honed their musical and lyrical talents to a degree that now sets them a dimension apart from the rest of the crowd and with over forty original songs in their bag, the fruit of their labor of love is more than proof enough of that.

The BandAfter bidding adieu to The Great Society in search of fresher pastures, Rudy Wallang, Ferdy Dkhar, and Sam Shullai performed as Tom, Dick & Harry as they continued their saga in search for the perfect niche. MOJO was born when Keith Wallang and Bob M joined the trio and the rest as they say, is history.

Discography :
1) Blues for Brotherhood
Website: www.mp3.com/mojomeghalaya

(All information taken from the official Mojo site, to sample Mojo's music, visit http://www.mp3.com/mojomeghalaya)

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