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|| State : Manipur || City/Town : Imphal || Genre : Folk-Rock ||


Rewben : Guitars and Vocals


Rewben Mashangwa
An extremely talented vocalist and musician from Imphal, Rewben uses his rich cultural musical heritage to interesting effect with rock and other western music genres. Born in '61 at Choithar village of Ukhrul, Manipur, Rewben has grown up 'eating and sleeping' Naga folk culture. Now at 39 he has become a matured and established folk artiste with a reputation for being a pioneer in blending Western music (primarily the Blues) with indegeneous Manipuri Tangkhul Naga folk music. Singing in both Manipuri and English, Rewben manages a beautiful blend between east and west. These days he gives guidance to numerous research scholars at the Anthropology Dept. of Manipur University.

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