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  Acknowledgements @Nagaland.faithweb.com

Thank you, thank you, and thank you...

  • We at @nagaland.faithweb.com
  • are fully aware that a lot of the information found on this site can be found in the same or similar form in several other related websites already. We have tried to combine the best of worlds, by re-working on it we hope we were succesful. Of course we are the only one responsible for all omissions and mistakes. (but we hide behind the usual disclaimers.... )
    We dont claim copyrights on the 'text' file since it is compiled out of several sources on the web, books etc. and just some of our own inspiration. Parts of other files are used with permission of the respective authors. Still, we would love some credits for this compilation. if you use it in a recognizable form on some web page, books etc.
    It's hard to remember all of the people who've been involved with some aspect or other of its development; They've all contributed in some way, whether through information materials, pictures, by making many suggestions, helping and testing the site, reporting bugs etc.

    Thanks to...

    Sentilong Jamir, for contributing those pictures and eateries (Your cooking was ...)

    Peleno Shüya, who did the proofreading and those NUCLEARS. (kerhü tathu)

    Imolangba Longchar and Sütsüngchang Longchar 'brothers in arms'. Honestly do you share everything?

    AmoD Modak, for his many suggestions and his help in scripting.

    ' Calvin & Hobbes ,Asterix & Obelix, BC and MaD ' For laugh.

    ' Batman & Phantom' for making us feel secure. (BIF * BAF * BOOM)

    ' Megadeth ' the band for playing their music to us during our late nights.
    (Without any exaggeration, Dave you guys are really great.)

    WWW.NAGALAND.NIC.IN , support is based on the work of Entry Formalities, RAP notification

    WWW.YAHOO.CO.IN, Yahoo! India for listing us into their search directory.

    WWW.MAPSOFINDIA.COM, support is based on the work of the maps of Nagaland.

    All of the other kind folks who have helped us out in many ways, and of course those who supported and laughed at our humble efforts :)

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