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It is called #Kohima, Kohima is the capital of Nagaland. To know more about Nagaland please follow this link www.nagaland.faithweb.com

The Channel
It is a wonderful channel created by fOotLoOse on Sun 10/31/1999 13:03:46 GMT. Since the beginning of #Kohima, there have been many changes, I'm not even sure if all the people involved with some aspect or others in the lifespan of #Kohima are still around (except for the odd few). Anyway the channel is a little more then 3 years old and I'm just a newbie compared to this awesome channel.

Who gave you the right to control this channel? is often a common question when users are ban or kicked from the channel, so well heres our answer. We were here first, if you think you can run a better channel than we can, then by all means go right ahead and try it - if you're truly better than we are you should have no trouble making your channel a really cool and popular place. However, as long as you're in #Kohima, you're on our ground, and we run things the way we see best. If you think that you've been wronged try to talk it out with the person you have trouble with. If that doesn't work out, contact some other operator. We try our best to be fair.

Channel Rules for #Kohima
  • NO INVITING! (its Lame)
  • Do not private message the Operators.
  • No hacking Ops.
  • Do not be abusive towards other people on the channel.
  • No excessive flooding.
  • Do not annoy the Channel Operators.(Includes begging for Ops)
  • No Unauthorized Bots allowed.
  • No AOP should run a script that will auto-deop others under any circumstance.
  • Do not use abusive nicks.
  • Do not use abusive language.
  • No excessive use of CAPITALS LETTER.
  • Do not argue the rules.
  • Failure to comply with any of the above rules will be considered grounds for your removal from the channel (Kick or Ban).

    If you have a problem with these rules, you have the choice of being somewhere else.

    [The above rules are courtesy of fOotLoOse]

    Operators of #Kohima


    - fOotLoOse

    Channel Bots
           Bot          | Owner     | Email 
    ------------------------------------------------- - Hallonbot | Marulk2 | Marulk2@starchannel.mu
    - StaffBot | fOotLoOse | fOotLoOse@linuxmail.org
    Sop - Super Operators
    - czo^007
    - LKR
    - Marulk2
    - RDL
    - syber_saint
    - Longchar

    AOP - Auto Operators
    - whizzkyd
    - MadMAXMan
    - pazzo-gurl
    - last^desperado
    - perfect^knight
    - molier
    - crush_on_u
    - christy_sentia
    - IbaneZ^eR
    - freak^d
    - nex_in
    - d^^sugar
    - mistyspice
    - cypress^Queen

    Where can I get help on DALnet?

    If you want help relating to DALnet , DALnet has a large number of help channels that deal with a variety of different topics, not all of them necessarily IRC related. Therefore, the first step to finding help is to determine the nature of your problem. For IRC related problems, it's important to know if it's a DALnet related question or not. They do not help with problems on other networks (getting banned, identd problems, server downtime, etc.). For DALnet related questions it's a good idea to visit #DALnetHelp, #IRCHelp or #Help. If you need help in another language, you can visit the following: #DALnetAide (French), #DALnetHilfe (German), #DALnetAyuda (Portuguese and Spanish), #HindiHelp (Hindi/Urdu),#ItaliaHelp (Italy), #IsraHelp (Hebrew) For more information go to http://www.dal.net/

    Virus Problem : If you are infected with virus go to #Nohack channel on DALnet and get it removed or you can go to http://housecall.antivirus.com/ for free on-line virus scan or get a good cleaner or antivirus like mcafee to deal with the problem. .

    The Channel Founder reserves the right to change any content, rules, agreements, add/delete items/sections, at any time with little to no notice. The Founder also reserves the right to modify this as he see's fit. If you would like something changed please email fOotLoOse@linuxmail.org

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