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Culture and Tradition


  • The different festivals of the Nagas.  

  • attires, shawls etc.  

  • faith and beliefs.



    The Nagas are versatiles artisans. They make a declaration of ethnicity almost on all objects of everyday usage . The sheer impulse of the Naga's to decorate even the deadly weapons of warfare is evident from their daos and spears . Their drinking pots bamboo are embossed beautifully with various cultural motifs.The wood carving on mammoth doors at the village-gate and log-drums in the past are still on display . Wooden replica of human , animals and birds have also been made by the Nagas for artistic and ritualistic purposes . The artistry expressed through the medium of wood , bamboo and cane are endless .

    The traditional Naga religion is animistic, though conceptions of a supreme creator and an afterlife exist. Nature is seen to be alive with invisible forces, minor deities, and spirits with which priests and medicine men mediate. In the 19th century, with the advent of British rule, Christianity was introduced, and Baptist missionaries became especially active in the region. As a result, the population now is predominantly Christian ,and headhunting, then a traditional practice, gradually ceased.


    Dress materials for home consumptions produced on the most primitive of looms by the female folks are veritable feast for the eyes . The process of weaving is very slow and tedious and therefore , expensive . The designs , color schemes and motifs on the fabric are crystalized into pictorial stories about the tribes . Human happiness or pride is inextricably interwoven in the fabrics which therefore , are pictures of an insular culture . And the tribes find aesthetic pleasure in preserving the pictures that they make by themselves . Hence , the culture and traditions of Nagaland is a life in itself... to be treasure forever.

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